söndag 16 september 2012

A work in process

I'm not finished yet. 

One of the things I know about my life is that I'm a work in process. Life is molding me into what it wants me to be. I often feel lifes-hands on my life molding me, shaping me, pushing me against my will to be what life wants me to be. It's hard to trust the hands of the potter, but he clearly can and will do what he wants to do, to make me into the vessel it has in mind. It´s making me into someone who makes life look good. 

He wants people to say, when they see me, "who made that work of art, what a beautiful creation, what an amazing artist life is!" My task is to let life mold me. 

I'm not good at letting life mold me. My task is to let it decide what this work of art called "my life" is to look like. I'm not good at letting someone else decide what my life looks like. The bible clearly uses the picture of a potter and clay to describe my relationship with the creator of the universe. Often I try to change places with life and be the potter myself and mold life itself into what I want it to be. Life will not trade roles with me, but will continue to work in my life until he's finished...until I'm finished. It's frustrating to be "in process", but it's exciting to know that the artist of my life has a wonderful work of art in mind when he's done. And he's doing that same thing in each of our lives. 

Think about it...!!

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