lördag 14 december 2013

Kampen mot kemvapen ger Fredspris

Kollade på nobel fredspris galan på tv igår och blev ledsen att höra och se att vi fortfarande lever i en värld som tydligen inte har lärt sig något av sin dåtid. Kände mig tvungen att skriva av mig och resultatet blir följande:

No one should ever live a life in misery, no children be harmed or abused. Life is beautiful and must be lived in harmony and peace. To love and be loved is the answer. Stop killing each another. Mother nature gave us life, a gift, let us enjoy every minute of it. You never know when it´s time to give it back. They earth is rich and there is plenty for everyone. Lay down your weapons and use the power of love instead. Together we can move moutains and achieve unbelievable things. If not now, when will it be right to liv a peaceful life without fear? Personal, I dont want to liv a life in regret and for sure not someone else's life, but a life full of love and possibility's. Life is short, we should liv it instead of waking up every morning in fear and feel that we need to survive one more day. 

Life is beautiful, love is the answer!

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