lördag 8 juni 2013

Someone said once...

Walk away..or stay?..to laugh or to cry?..take chanses or not?..make mistakes or be perfect?..love or hate?..get children or not?..get open or closed?..be my hero or enemy?..move on or stay?..I wonder how so much..Whats the right way for all to go?...whats the right way to go?..whats my way?..I see so much..I feel so much..I want so much..but its real me?...my real way?...like a prisoner I walk and walk..like a prisoner I think i do the right choiches..like a prisoner I see in the mirror..thinking how it should be to be FREE..free to live.a life in another feelings and happiness..to grow inside..to see myself in another way!..dont want to be a geene in a bottle!...I want to be free..RELESE MYSELF FROM ME~BE MY OWN BEAUTIFUL ME~NOT A PRISONER

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