fredag 22 februari 2013

Never underestimate me

In life, you encounter people who believe they have you all figured out. They laugh at you when you take on big tasks. They make fun of you when you share your thoughts (or goals). What these people don’t know is one’s formula for living. My formula for living is fairly simple:
1. Believe that nothing is impossible.
2. Embrace positive thinking
3. Think highly of yourself

These three simple values have done a lot for me in life. I’ve accomplished many goals. I’ve met many great people. I’ve raised awareness for many things I believed in.
Never allow anyone to tell you what cannot be accomplished, because nothing is impossible. Never allow anyone to underestimate you. Let them laugh and blow smoke in your face. Let them undermine you as if they know of your credibility, impact or reach. Let them call you “crazy” or “unreasonable”.
When one embraces the power of a “can do” attitude, there are no limits or boundaries to what you can realize. When you’ve embraced this attitude, you’ll quickly learn that there are many who will claw at your back and attempt to stifle your movement. Don’t allow them.
Believe in the impossible. Believe in yourself. Believe in what makes you, you.

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  1. To be your own guidinglight..its something beautiful!..And when people like them will open their hearts and souls its amazing!...thanks for them who let us in<3..!