torsdag 6 december 2012

Without you...

You've gotten me so crazy
My arms feel empty without you
My body's thirsty
And my sighs are useless
They don't bring me to you
The world's so hazy
And it's all so fruitless
Without you
I'm sure you know
Every moment hurts without you
And as my love grows
That I burn restlessly for you
My mind's never at peace
The pain never seems to cease
Without you
And you've burned into my dreams
Telling me sweet things
With your eyes that gleam
But when my eyes open
You're not to be seen
And the day loses its sheen
Without you
But the nights don't end
And the thirst remains
As long as you're away
Cause I want you near
So I'll have nothing to fear
As I dont want to live
I have nothing to give
Without you
But when I imagine
That you're really here
Everything glows
Because you're near
Am I awake?
Or am I asleep?
I'm lost into you
So very deep
And it clearly shows
Cause I'm incomplete
Without you

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