lördag 8 december 2012

Never give up...

 When things you confront do not go your way
That is basically how life is some days
You can sulk and think you want to quit
Or decide you will just get over it.

You are only as big as what gets you down,
Your size is measured by what makes you frown,
The mind of a fool is the mind that gives in
To thinking that quitting will help you to win.
You have been here before you know from your past,
No profit is gained by giving up on the task,
Whatever you do problems always exist
But you know they give way to those who persist.

Take one step forward from your problem and find
That you have moved on and left your problem behind,
Say to the challenge, 'I'm bigger than you,'
When you stay on your course you prove that it's true.

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